Through a narrative that alternates between fictional scene reconstructions and  interviews, we tell the story of the life and works of Pope Sixtus V, the pope from the Marche region. An “unlikely” narrator, Gioacchino Belli, a famous poet active in XIX century Rome, introduces some narrative moments that are poised between legend and historical chronicle, giving the viewer a taste of Cardinal Peretti’s decisive character and strong personality. What emerges is an epic of a historical figure, a man of great intelligence who has much of the character of his land: resolute, creative and very pragmatic. A pope who traced a furrow in history, leaving a strong mark of his passage in works and thoughts.


Key Words
  • Docu-fiction
  • Documentary
  • Historical
  • Religious
Directed By
  • Omar Pesenti
Produced By
  • Officina della Comunicazione
  • Fondazione Giovanni XXIII
Original title
  • The Iron Pope
  • Italy
  • 2022
  • 60’ min.
  • Available in Full HD
  • Language: Italian
  • Subtitles: English
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